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State Branches

May be formed by a minimum of 15 eligible ordinary members residing or practicing in any state of the country resolving to form themselves into a branch of the Association and getting the Association application forms signed by all the members wishing to join the Association through the said branch and forwarding them to the Honorary General Secretary with the subscription for all members at the rate hereinafter fixed together with a letter from the Convener of the branch explaining the feasibility, viability and the necessity for the formation of the Branch. The Honorary General Secretary shall place the proposal together with all the application forms and other correspondence to the Central Council at its next meeting. The Central Council may by a resolution approved by a 2/3 majority vote of members present, approve of the formation of that particular branch which shall be communicated to the Convener of the Branch by the Honorary General Secretary. There shall not be more than one branch in a particular State.

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The State Branches shall frame “Rules and byelaws” to conduct its activities, which should conform to the Constitution of IADVL. A set of “Model Rules and bylaws” for the state branches has been provided as guidelines in the IADVL Constitution in one of the annexures. The State branches shall be entitled to form local or regional units to disseminate their activity. These units will also follow the said guidelines.

Honorary General Secretary for information to the full Executive of the IADVL including the President, and if possible dissemination through Journal to all the members of IADVL of such activities in other branches. The State branches should always invite the National Executive (office bearers) of the IADVL at their Annual functions and other important functions with no financial liability.

Combined State Branch

The eligible members of adjoining states may form themselves into a combined branch which shall function administratively like a single State branch with the names of the combining states mentioned as prefix to the word branch. Combined State Branches shall separate as Individual State Branches as soon as they become viable independently.

At present there are 24 branches of the Association viz. –
Bihar Jharkhand Pondicherry
Andhra Pradesh Karnataka Punjab, Chandigarh and Himachal Pradesh
Chhattisgarh Kerala Rajasthan
Central/AFDG Madhya Pradesh Tamilnadu
Delhi Maharashtra Uttar Pradesh & Uttarakhand
Gujarat Manipur West Bengal
Haryana North-East Telangana
Jammu & Kashmir Orissa Goa

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